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Your New Home in Cyberspace!

Welcome to TGHosting.com. We're the user friendly host with a mission to make setting up and running your website as easy as possible!

We're Here For You

We know one of the most frustrating things about dealing with a website hosting company is the lack of "understanding" they can have about the customer who is more interested in "what" is on his/her website than all the ins and outs of "how" to set up and maintain their site. We tailor our client support program to each individual customer and will work with you to insure that your new website will be satisfying in terms of both form and function; or any website that is transferred to our servers will perform properly and even more effectively than in the past.

Pricing Isn't Everything... But We Know It Matters!

Obviously there are any number of so-called "free" hosting companies out there. However, we all know we ultimately get what we pay for. TGHosting.com's objective is to provide superior customer support at a very affordable price. You won't see unwanted advertising or pop-up banners when you give us your website to host. We appreciate the time and energy you'll have put into the creation of your website. We want the hosting experience to be as easy and effortless for you as we can possibly make it.

The TGHosting Difference!

We understand there is a wide range of customer hosting needs and we offer a sophisticated array of tools to make your siote set-up and continuing operations as simple as possible. Our "Quick Access" control panel allows you to easily handle all aspects of your site administration including resource usage status reports, e-mail resources (set-up, forwarding, auto-responders, etc.), FTP service, etc.

Support Is What Matters Most

From our FREE and powerful "Site Studio" website builder system to the friendly and knowledgable telephone support we provide -- our emphasis is on taking the frustration and feeling that "no one really cares about me" out of the equation. We're here for you!



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